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Orangescrum Learning Series Chapter 1 – How to check the Task Progress?


Too often failing projects surprise us. At one point it seemed you were well aligned with the project progress, but as the project delivery deadline approaches, you suddenly realize you’re off-track by a few days!

You wonder “how could I miss the deadline?” It is the most common problem that all project teams face.

So it is extremely important for project teams to have real time task progress status on a daily basis.

I am bringing you the Orangescrum Learning Series to help with common project management problems we encounter every day.

Today I will explain how you can track the progress of tasks quickly and efficiently.

It’s easy to check the status of any task of any project in the Task List page.

The task bar will give the overall details of task progress in terms of how many tasks are in NEW, IN PROGRESS, RESOLVED & CLOSED with numbers & percentage of that project.

So how do you get that report?

You create tasks, assign them to your team members & the member is supposed to work on them & update the status & progress about the task.

As a manager you’re managing a lot of projects. So you need status reports in real time, if your boss or client wants to know. And here this task status bar provides quick help.


(Image: Task Status Bar in the Task List Page)

If you go a little deeper & want to know which task types are completed & which are yet to be done, then task type report will give an idea about your team members’ efficiency.

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