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Orangescrum Learning Series: #2 How to Define Task Priorities


Prioritization is an integral part of Planning. Our daily dash to our work spaces in the morning begins with a similar mental rush of tasks that lie ahead of us. All through our run to the desks we make mental notes of our game plan for the day!

No matter how well planned; there will be re-prioritizing of tasks, meetings, interruptions by the Team Lead or Manager or even by you.

When you prioritize your activities for the day, your chances of performing at optimum levels increase; paving your way to be efficient and reliable. It also helps you limit unwanted distractions and saves you time.

Here in my second chapter, I will help you to set or know the priority of your tasks in Orangescrum.

To Do List

As you’re an Orangescrum user, getting to the TO DO list is a cake walk. And trust me, you are never without one?


You can see all your tasks in the Task List page by selecting “All” in the Project drop down on the top bar.

If you want to view tasks for a particular project, then you can do so by selecting that project from the Project drop down menu.

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