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Orangescrum Learning Series: #4 How to Maximize Efficiency by Grouping Tasks


In the previous chapter, we mentioned how one can categorize a task. But sometimes we need even sub-categories to define & group similar tasks for better management & monitoring.

Let’s say we have created a Task type “Email Campaign” to define tasks related to our email campaign. Whenever we need we can find the task details or procedure required or template we use for email campaign from these Tasks by using the filter.


But here is the problem. The Email Campaign may be for Sales or maybe it is a marketing email. Again we need to categorize the Task related to Email Campaign. So the Task type “Email Campaign” doesn’t help us. We need to create again two task types “Email Campaign for Sales” & “Email Campaign for Marketing”.


Now we have two task types and we can use to define & monitor for sales and follow-ups. But what about if we have a feature to group these two task types under one category?

That is where Orangescrum comes to your rescue. You can use the “Task Group” feature (don’t confuse with Task Status Group add-on of community edition) to categorize tasks which can be even sub-categorized by Task Types.


In this case, you can create a Task group “Email Campaign” and under that you can add these task types “Email Campaign for Sales” & “Email Campaign for Marketing” related tasks.

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