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The Rise & Rise of Orangescrum Pre-Built Edition


Good things first! It’s been a great start to the New Year. We’re really excited to be working on some amazing things here at Orangescrum, and we’re just getting warmed up

When we thought about building the ‘Pre-built’ editions of Orangescrum, we never thought the reactions would be so overwhelming. Thanks a ton guys! Your support is what keeps us going, everyday!

Now that it has been liked by so many of our users, let me talk a bit more about it.

Ever thought of a Pandora Box with unlimited offerings…? It’s not that of course (fun intended), but it comes close. It certainly does! Take the basic Orangescrum tool & add all the available add-ons to it. That’s what the pre-built edition is. It’s practically Magic!

No matter how big your team is. It just works fine for businesses of all scale & sizes.

Now, there are quite a few reasons why our users have loved the pre-built edition. I will talk about a few of those…

First, it saves you a lot of bucks! Money matters, and we know it. That’s exactly why we offer all possible add-ons bundled together, saving you more than 15% of the total value. It’s a Super Saver!

Second, there’s no better way to setup so many add-ons to your Orangescrum account. Every included add-ons are bundled together, to save you a lot of precious time & efforts before getting started.

Third, you get a dedicated Orangescrum expert to set everything up for you. Our experts are also happy to give you a quick “How To” session; helping you get the best out of Orangescrum.

The All Add-ons pre-built package is really heavy. It includes as many as 11 add-ons, some of which are:

And so many other add-ons like Gantt Chart, Mobile API, Project Template, Chat etc. All this at $1618, it’s a steal.

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