Project management

Freelancing Made Easier with Orangescrum


Freelancing has come a long way from being a temporary trend to the global phenomenon that it has now become. The younger gen that had been craving for freedom, flexibility & mobility in work, are now thriving with options.

With rapid advancements in technology & infrastructure, it’s now pretty easy to setup your own private workplace from the comfort of your den.

5 years back, who would have thought that a designer sitting from the Bahamas can also work for someone from the Canadian alps. That barrier has long been broken now, for the good.

Freelancing is pretty much a win-win scenario for both parties, if done professionally. But when the parties are sitting oceans apart, you can’t totally avoid the chances of a few miss-communications.

Whether it’s a language barrier or the difference in time-zones… you always need to be on your toes. And things can get real serious if you’re dealing with a whole bunch of clients across the globe. Everyone has different deadlines, time-zones.

That’s when you need a simple but efficient Project Collaboration tool to take care of some of the management stuff, so that you focus on what you do best.



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