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Why Orangescrum Templates save your Time & Increases Productivity

Why Orangescrum Templates save your Time & Increases Productivity

Business need productivity. The more productive your team better the chances of your business being successful.

In today’s age of Unicorns we see companies with minimal workforce making a global impact and establish themselves as the market leaders.

The question surely becomes – HOW??!! And this “HOW” is a mix of technical acumen, the business idea and most importantly “Work SMART, Make SMART!”

Unicorns know how to save time, produce right and deliver fast as not many of them can boast of having the luxury of all required resources.

Everything matters to them – their time, the funding, their team and the resources they have.

To obtain optimal utilization of these resources they choose automation where possible and are in constant search of ways to eliminate redundant work.

Last time I have discussed how you can automate your tasks instead of creating the same every time. This time I will discuss about how you should use templates (task template & project template) to save your productive time.

First of all, why you should use it & why it is beneficial for you?

When you’re working on large or multiple projects, certain tasks/projects get repeated.

Let’s say you’re working on content marketing. Definitely you know which type/category of article works for you. While assigning the task to your colleague, you must have mentioned the points to cover in his/her article.

The same thing you may need to assign to different colleagues for different projects. This decreases your productivity as you’re repeating the same task again & again.

Instead of repeating tasks, you can create a simple template which can be used when you will create the same task. This is where eliminating waste comes in handy!

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