A Complete Installation Guide for Orangescrum



Orangescrum is a simple project management and collaboration software which is available as open source and cloud edition. It has been ranked in the top 5 project management software in open source for three consecutive years.

We see consistent manifold growth in the number of Orangescrum community edition (Open Source) free downloads. We’re glad to know that from Freelancers to startups or Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises; all are opting for Orangescrum over other Project Management & Collaboration Software.

We have also seen that despite our best attempts few of our non-tech users still get stuck with installation issues.

Today I will take you through the right installation procedure or steps and how you can approach us to get quick support & guide from our consultants.

Things You Need Before Installing Orangescrum

Before you install Orangescrum, you must know the hardware and software requirement. We saw without verifying the requirement many installed Orangescrum & that bound to give error.


  • RAM: minimum 2 GB
  • Processor: Core2duo or Higher
  • OS: Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Disk Space: 10 GB or Higher

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