Project management

SFCG manages Marketing Automation Delivery via Orangescrum



SFCG is an established Sales and Marketing Automation agency (Austin, TX, USA) with deep focus in enriching customer experience through its tested CRM best practices and CRM implementations over the past 15 years. SFCG helps its clients to maximize efficiency and ultimately a better ROI through its strategic guidance and technical skills.

Jamie confirms that; once on the growth path Organizations have to eventually deal with multiple management aspects of clients, projects (internal and external) and resources to maintain the momentum.

This is when the search for a project management tool began. And the usual run; multiple demos were scheduled from a variety of vendors & free trials conducted before signing up with Orangescrum.

What led to Orangescrum?

Jamie and her team lacked the abilities to

  • Quickly replicate the processes they develop for their services and clients
  • Organize their projects and clients centrally
  • View projects, their schedule and progress at a greater depth
  • Simplified means of project communication with their clients
  • Collaborate efficiently among teams
  • Effective task delegation
  • Time tracking of tasks
  • Proven and trusted project management solution


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