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How to Kick Start your Projects with Project Management Software

How to Kick Start your Projects with Project Management Software

Projects are as much a part of our work-life as the coffee machine. Strange but true!

A typical work day of any professional is filled with all sorts of project meetings – status update, project review, Stakeholder review, management review and as many visits to the coffee machine!

At times, it feels like a ritual to pay a visit to the coffee machine before entering the meeting room ?

Why is it so?

Is it that a good coffee in the morning sets your tone for the day? 99% of we coffee lovers will say “Well YEAH!!”

This simple daily act has an important message – “kick-offs are important” and all efforts and focus must be deputed to ensure we start things on the right note with our best foot forward.

And, projects are no different!

I consider Kick-off meetings to be one of the “Critical Success Factors” of any project. It is your opportunity as the Project Manager to rally your troops behind a common goal.

It’s like your foundation laying ceremony if I may ?

You get to present the project vision, the expectations, stakeholders involved, the TEAM & its GOAL!

It is best if you have the basics of a project setup in your chosen project management tool. For e.g. create the project, invite the project team, define user permissions, create the initial tasks & define timelines.

Let us quickly see how we can prepare and orchestrate an effective and successful “Project Kick-Off Meeting”.

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