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Expense Management is Now Easier in Project Management Software


Managing expenses is an important aspect of our daily lives. But very few have the skills to manage them well. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or a professional you just can’t do without apt Expense Management.

Days of manual expense handling and data input are long gone as the means of expenses incurred are being digitized every single moment.

It is imperative for businesses, projects and enterprises to have solid expense policies and management tools if they are to remain sustainable. All business projects have a budget and the execution team has an obligation to deliver within budget and if possible show instant savings.

In our endeavor to further strengthen your project management capabilities we have brought a simple, quick and an automated expense management module to Orangescrum.

There’s a ton of things you can do with the Expense Management module in Orangescrum. Let’s talk about a few of those…

  • Create instant project and non-project expenses
  • Define expense categories
  • Attach receipts, view and download them all in a matter of clicks
  • Define your project specific approval flow
  • Track project expenses with real time activity & history updates
  • Generate expense reports
  • Gain your clients trust with confidence and transparency

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