Project management

How to Get Daily Updates from your Team Without Fail?


When running a SMB unit or large enterprise business, maintaining your daily operations is vital for your efficiency & sustainability. As your business grows, a simple string of tasks updates and reports from your daily updates can easily help you stay ahead of the game.

If you don’t monitor it carefully, you will lose track of what is happening within your business.

If not dealt timely, sooner or later, your business’ growth is going to be impacted and may lead to a grinding halt. That is precisely why you need to establish who is going to be responsible for what and making them accountable.

When things go wrong or don’t go exactly as planned, you can skip the blame game and go straight to the person accountable.

As your workforce continues to grow larger and larger, maintaining total control can become too time-consuming and stressful.

As a “business owner” (Project Manager, Team Lead, Head of Operation/Delivery), conducting face to face meetings to get a detailed progress summary of your projects, campaigns, delivery and employees is a precious waste of time and efforts by all involved.

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