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Why Every Business Needs an Executive Dashboard

Why Every Business Needs an Executive Dashboard

An Executive Dashboard is a visual representation of real time progress of your team’s work. E it projects, costs, time, resource utilization and overall operational statistics at the organizational level that gives executives a quick and easy way to view their company’s performance.

The Executive Dashboard pulls all project information into one place so you don’t have to switch between projects. It can also provide data as per your requirement so the information is in a more meaningful format.

Significance of Executive Dashboard in Project Management

  • You sense that your company could be improving, but you have no idea how to tell for sure — or figure out exactly how you could be improving.
  • You’re monitoring and/or gathering data but are meaningful and actionable.
  • You’re wasting a lot of time trying to create tools to help you leverage your data.
  • Your current solution isn’t giving you the ROI you need.
  • Your competitors are leaving you behind in a trail of e-dust.

It gives executives numerous benefits including the following:


An executive dashboard gives you great visibility and insight. You know exactly what’s going on in all aspects of your business. It allows you to better manage it and at times pre-emptively thereby saving you from precious waste of time and money.

Ongoing Improvements

Peter Drucker had very rightly said – “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Executive Dashboards allow you to measure your performance throughout your organization and thus improve it.

Time Savings

Many executives spend countless hours logging into business systems and running reports. Conversely, the right executive dashboard always shows you the latest results from each report you need. This saves precious hours each month.

Measure Performance vs Your Plan

Many executive spend time creating a business plan for their organization to follow. However, that’s just the first piece of the puzzle. The second is making sure your company is following your plan. Implementation and Execution is the key. Your Executive Dashboard could do just that. That is, in your dashboard, you can automatically show your goals from your business plan versus your actual, real-time results.

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