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New “Recurring Task” Feature for SaaS Edition

New “Recurring Task” Feature for SaaS Edition

Automate repetitive work and be productive with Recurring Task

We all know that Smart work is the key to productivity plus there is no fun in a work that is monotonous, time & effort intensive, impacts productivity and makes us look dumb!

No matter the industry, they all come with their own productivity dampeners – Repetitive work.

The most important thing about your to-do & recurring tasks list is they must be attended to regularly like daily, weekly – team/client meetings, reviews, reports, bill payment etc.

Sometimes we overlook these recurring tasks when some important tasks arise even if these are important to our business.

How great it would be to have them tailor-made and automated to make our lives efficient??

With Orangescrum Recurring Task, you can set a task to repeat at a specific time or date if it occurs on a regular basis in a project. This feature has been upgraded in our SaaS (Cloud) edition so that you can set recurring task at a particular date/week/month/year.

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