Project management

Automotive, Industrial & Chemical Automation & Measurement firm streamlines operations with Orangecrum


Christian Pohl, a highly engaged Orangescrum’er turns a guest blogger for us to here his company’s experience before and after Orangescrum.

Orangescrum is an industry agnostic collaboration platform and this case study of HPF GmbH is a testimony to that. HPF GmbH chose Orangescrum for its lean operation management and collaboration with its customers across Europe and the globe.

HPF GmbH specializes in hardware and software for process automation in the chemical, industrial, communication and automotive industries. It’s SPIDER network “Simplified Platform Independent Data Exchange Relay network”.

With SPIDER NET you finally have a communication platform where the individual modules interchange data through a uniform high-performance language to synchronize their temporal task completion.

Similarly its Process I/O hardware DAQ100 ³ is the all-in-one solution for the conception and output of process data for an automation solution in hard real time. The product offers the possibility to capture 100 channels with 100 Hz maximum sampling rate at 100% configurability.

HPF GmbH Mission & Vision

HPF GmbH help enterprises with a highly flexible and easy communication platform and comfortable fieldbus interfaces via TCP/IP for their automation projects.

Our Delivery & Operations Management Challenges

Given the fact that HPF GmbH deals in a highly specialized field managing hi-tech projects and maintaining transparency with their customers was their prime challenge.

And running multiple clients with multiple projects of each of these clients was an uphill task from the word go.

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