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Why you’re Business Needs SaaS Enabled Collaboration?


Forbes has reported 73% of organizations plan on increasing collaboration, considering it vital to project success. The operative words here being – “Collaboration” and “Vital to project success”.


It becomes imperative to understand Collaboration in its true sense.

Collaboration is an act of co-working to obtain a certain result or outcome. It can be anything from baking your favourite pie to a new product launch.

As easy as it may sound, Collaboration has been not that easy for individuals, teams and businesses and it is nobody’s fault either.

The ever-changing digital landscape, umpteen social apps, devices & platforms have spoiled us for choice. The wild digital freedom can inhibit collaboration if not used wisely.

Hence the need for a simplified and SINGLE Collaboration platform where you can

  • Get all your team members together (no matter how dispersed they are)
  • Easily exchange and brainstorm ideas
  • Real time review of progress
  • Ensure everyone understands the same thing. Understanding = True Project Requirements!
  • Everyone does exactly what is required

I have just highlighted the tip of the iceberg. The benefits of having a SaaS platform are highly strategic and manifold.

One they come in all sizes and can support individual business owners, freelancers, contractors, start-ups to large business enterprises.

Second they offer a huge decrease in the total cost of ownership of such a platform coupled with increased go to market agility.

Third and the most important of all – faster and improved Collaboration.

“61% of businesses leading the pack in terms of cloud deployment said that SaaS products offer them increased collaboration, both internally and externally – IBM Center for Applied Insights”

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