5 Signs Your Company Desperately Needs A Project Management Software

5 Signs Your Company Desperately Needs A Project Management Software

Project Management is an integral activity across company operations. When dealt adeptly it surely helps companies grow, add more clients and expand their market footprint. There are multiple moving parts in play as the business grows which become difficult to manage with time.

Project management software is a great way to contain the challenges associated with growth and change.

Few of the most common and evident issues that organizations face are listed below. And if your team, business unit or company is facing them too then it is time you get the right project management tool in place when there is still time.

  1. Silo Business Processes, Silo Teams, Silo Tools!

The industry synonym for Project Management tool has been Excel sheets for a long time and continues to be so even to this day for many organizations.  Excel spreadsheet in itself is a good option for maintaining lists but fails to match the operational speed and needs of a highly mobile and digital workforce.

And they cannot provide some of the relevant project management aspects such as task and time management and real time data & feedback sharing.


Another issue that most companies face is their business units working in silos and restricted by their silo processes. This adds a humongous ask from the team members in terms of keeping the individual tools in sync. Easily translated – manual intensive and repetitive work!

Not only this, modern teams hate to have to manage multiple tools for each single activity. This leads to loss of precious productive efforts in maintaining those tools rather than on revenue generating activities.

Imagine if

  • you have to update your tasks in one tool
  • time spent on those tasks in another
  • account and billing team then bringing the above 2 items into their billing tool
  • finally re-entering consolidated data into a place where all project data is managed.

Sure shot recipe for human errors, expensive delays, loss of customer confidence and business decline!

And add to it useless administrative efforts that can be easily done away with.

Phew! I don’t want to be in a place like this! Do you?

  1. Breakdown of Communication and Collaboration!

Communication is the easiest aspect of our lives in today’s world. Yet we fail to reap its benefits!

Businesses, relationships and lives are lost and saved with timely and rightful communication.

Businesses have outgrown themselves in a lot of ways and have breached the great geographical divide a long time ago and rightfully so. In its wake, they have connected people across continents but have failed in maintaining the right communication lines.

Running operations with team from different time zones, diverse beliefs, faith and languages pose interesting challenges –

  • Difficulty in maintaining the same understanding among the team
  • Lack of clarity around the right communication medium
  • Misunderstood instructions
  • Inability to offer the team the right feedback at the right time
  • Unable to provide the right info when needed

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