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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Project Manager

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Project Manager!

Automation, Big Data, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence has been creating a lot of fuzz the world over for the last couple of years. Organizations are in a race to outdo their competition & generate maximum benefits of being early adopters.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence have found wide range application starting from automotive, information technology, transport & logistics, construction to business functions such as HR, Sales, Customer Support and Project Management.

The internet is flooded with artifacts & evidence highlighting their individual as well as combined impact on the human life. Artificial Intelligence is the most talked about of this lot & reflects the power of the human brain & its prowess. We are anxious and excited at the same time of how it would manifest in reality and how consequential would be the impact on various aspects of our life – profession, health, society, culture & security.

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